UX Designer / Lead


5 / 30


Sketch, Framer, Adobe CS


Free-to-play online multiplayer RPG (Mobile + Browser)

My major tasks were:

  • Design Lead for browser

  • UX & Interaction Design for both platforms

  • Onboarding (prototyping and narrative design)

  • QA pipeline optimization

  • Design mentoring



Infernals was our first exploration of the mobile RPG genre. While some of our prototypes helped us to explore different control methods for real-time action RPGs, this game takes another direction. The core loop is built around excessive hero management, team compositions, and round-based tactical combats.


The game design was heavily inspired by "Seven Knights", a very successful game in the Eastern market. The main objective of this project was to provide a similar core loop for the Western audience while creating the best mobile experience. 

Infernals - mockups A
Infernals - mockups B



Porting a game that was initially designed for a specific audience is quite a challenge, especially when it is a more complex and rooted title. "Seven Knights" was created by an Asian company and can be considered a typical Asian game with the following qualities:


  • Complex hero management

  • Complex item and upgrade system

  • Gacha & hard monetization

  • Complicated interface (Noisy and cluttered)

  • Player punishment to drive retention

  • Very obtrusive and prominent CTA banners and buttons

This fascinating product took us more than eight months from pre-production to global launch with about 25 people working on it constantly. We mainly focussed on decluttering the interface and removed some hard paywalls and player punishments. According to our player interviews and surveys, these methods along with aggressive monetization were not working that well with the Western audience.


Main target markets were the United States and Europe. With the help of intensive prototyping, we were able to suggest some additional mobile patterns and redesigned the in-game shop for a better conversion. 


PvP - battle event flow
Information architecture v.4
Hero management - prototype
Chat notification - demo
Hero management - proposal
Main screen - gatcha flow
Browser- payment shop



Although this was our first Unity project on a global scale, we managed it to deliver in time:


  • Simplifying the interface and user flows without losing any depth of gameplay

  • Moderate monetization with clear banners and a clean shop interface

  • User tested art style for in-game graphics, characters, and UI

  • Improving the overall feedback of the game with clear user interactions and clear user flows

  • Improved implementation of mobile patterns

  • Seamless integration of the UX and Visual Design Unit

  • Mobile and browser version shared the same code repository