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Adobe CS, Cinema 4D



I began learning more about visual design and graphics in programming during my studies TU Freiberg University in Germany. From simple media design with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to 3D programming in Open Scene Graph. Later, I wrote my own filters for Photoshop with FilterFactory. Feeling comfortable in code and visual worlds helped me ramp up my User Experience Design skills. Although I got my first serious job offers as a web developer, I usually always ended up doing both art and development.


I am still contributing to a long-term art project called "Deslowlation" on Tumblr. A personal collection of the synergies of abstract symbolic kaleidoscope graphics and music.


RAG Celebration Work
CAC anniversary
Abstract Art I
Omega Code - contest A
Omega Code - contest B
CAC - print example
Abstract Art III
Abstract Art IV
Flyer design - sample A
Flyer design - sample B
CAC - calendar
Abstract Art V
Abstract Art VI
CAC - calendar
Visual Design - samples
Ad - print sample

From album covers to company portraits


Awards ( 2004 - 2014 ):

  • 1st place cubaNito Logo Contest, Germany

  • 3rd place X1-Server logo contest, Europe

  • Top 20 - Omega Code poster contest

  • 3 x Daily Deviations @ Deviant Art